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24K Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Gel Eye Mask

OROGOLD Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Gel Eye Mask 24 KThis breakthrough 24K Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Gel Eye Mask helps nourish and revitalize your skin underneath your eyes. The Gel Eye Mask is specially formulated with a blend of 24K Gold and essential oils that are rich with vitamins and minerals.

24 Karat Gold: Many ancient cultures, such as those in India, Egypt and China used gold-based medicines. Egypt used gold for mental, body and spiritual purification believing that gold worked to stimulate energies in the body and restore youth to the skin. In ancient China and the oriental cultures, the restorative properties of gold are still honored in rural villages, where gold is believed to replenish their bodies.

Rose Essence Oil: The stimulating active and hydrating properties of rose essential oil helps the skin to stay soft and properly moisturize while fighting the appearance of aging, dryness, and maintaining a soft, youthful complexion.

Wheat Germ Oil: Highly rich unrefined oil that is one of the richest sources of Vitamin E, A and D.

Almond Oil:
A rich source of vitamin E, which improves complexion and retains glow, delays aging process while nourishing the skin.

Aloe Extract: Promotes skin hydration and displaces dirt from your skin.

Glycerin: The best natural preserver of water, which helps give an enhanced look for your skin. It is very useful in moisturizing the dry skin.

The 24K Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Gel Eye Mask from Oro Gold Cosmetics will leave your skin glowing and charming.

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