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Bionic Treatments

24k bionic seriesThe OROGOLD Cosmetics Bionic Anti-Aging Series provides deep moisturizing and nourishment for skin by penetrating deeply into the existing collagen in the recesses of the skin. This recovers the skin’s elasticity while slowing the process of aging down drastically. The instantaneous result of using the Bionic series of products is firmer skin with enhanced moisture content and an improved overall color tone. This is achieved by the products in the Bionic range working together to fortify the skin with oxygen to provide natural protection for the collagen contained deep inside the skin. The regular use of this product range will bring about skin that appears youthful and glowing.

The three products in the OROGOLD Cosmetics Bionic Anti-Aging Series are; the 24K Bionic Anti-Aging Complex Cream, the 24K Bionic Anti-Aging Complex Serum and the 24K Bionic Complex Thermal Mask. When regularly used together, the Bionic Anti-Aging Series is hailed as a non-invasive substitute for some plastic surgery procedures. All the products contain the OROGOLD Cosmetics signature component of genuine gold and are formulated with the specific purpose of fighting expression lines on the face that become apparent with aging. This is attained by deeply penetrating the skin’s naturally produced collagen through a number of layers and working deep inside to combat toxins and providing sustenance.
The Bionic Anti-Aging Cream contains Gold and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide. When applied each morning and followed with the Bionic Anti-Aging Serum every evening, this cream reveals softer, younger looking and more radiant skin. Best results are obtained by using the OROGOLD Cosmetics Bionic Anti-Aging Complex Thermal Mask. The mask instantly creates warmth when applied with water to the skin. Direct access to deep layers in the skin is thus gained by opening pores. Used twice a week, this allows the ingredients to work at a deeper level to achieve beautifully radiant and drastically younger looking skin.

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