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Oro Gold Reviews Proper Use of Sunless Tanner

oro gold reviews sunless tan applicationWho doesn’t want that sun kissed look achieved by laying out for hours and hours at the beach. A tan can make your skin look, at least for a time, healthier and younger. Although we now know, from decades of research, that the sun can cause serious skin damage. So, you could risk your health and head to the tanning salon to spend some time under the bulbs or you could achieve the beach glow with a self tanner.

Oh! The Horror!

Maybe you have shyed away from self tanners in the past because you have seen a self tan disaster first hand. Did a friend show up at senior prom sporting a flattering pink dress and unflattering orange skin? Did a cousin walk down the aisle with orange stains on her beautiful white gown? Thankfully, new beauty products have hit the market. If they are applied and maintained correctly, you can have a natural looking tan without the streaks or orange afterglow.

Putting It On

If you are going to use a sunless tanner, you need to take every precaution and not rush the process. Taking the time to properly apply the tanner will prevent an uneven, orange, or unnatural tan. On the day you plan to tan, make sure you have at least two to three hours of time set aside. After showering, exfoliating, and shaving, and applying Oro Gold moisturizer, you are ready to apply your sunless tanner.

To prevent orange hands, wear latex gloves. If you do not have gloves, wash your hands every five minutes while applying the tanner. It may take a little longer, but you will not be stuck with unnatural orange hands for weeks. Apply the tanner with a circular motion, making sure to cover every area evenly. There are some places like feet, especially the toes and heels, that will darken very easily. Use little to no tanner on these areas. Rough skin around the ankles, knees and elbows is another set of trouble spots. After you have applied the tanner, apply a moisturizer to those areas or any other area at risk of becoming too dark, like your hands and belly button.

After an even application, all you need to do is wait. If you can, do not wear clothes for an hour. If that isn’t possible, loose clothing is best. Allow at least eight hours to pass before you bath or shower. Then, enjoy your healthy tan. Continue with your Oro Gold routine, including the Oro Gold moisturizing day cream and Termica Energizing Mask.

Taking It Off

The tan will fade as new skin cells replace the old ones. If you for some reason need to remove your sunless tan more immediately, you can help the new skin cells surface by exfoliating. Baking soda is the ideal exfoliate. You can also take a baking soda bath by adding a couple cups of it to your lukewarm bath water. Either technique will speed up the process.

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