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Oro Gold Cosmetics and the Benefits of Wearing Makeup

oro gold cosmeticsOro Gold cosmetics can help you, not only look better, but feel better about yourself too, according to research. There are several benefits to wearing makeup, aside from improving one’s appearance. Experts believe makeup worn by women worldwide can affect their self-esteem, improve mood, boost confidence, and even affect how women are viewed. Research seems to support this belief. Makeup is a great way to enhance one’s natural beauty and correct imperfections.

A study done by London College of Fashion in 2009 revealed that 85 percent of women believed that wearing makeup helped improve their mood on a bad day, boosting their confidence and making them feel happier. Dr. Pineau, director of research and communications at L’Oreal, claims that studies done by her company found that women who wore makeup stood straighter and had fewer falls than those who didn’t.

Approximately 67 percent of women polled by the London College of Fashion believed that they received better treatment when wearing makeup; they reported getting more attention and compliments when wearing makeup. Additionally, makeup can protect your face and skin from natural elements, such as the sun, wind, and other extreme weather conditions. One of the greatest benefits of makeup is that it provides protective elements, such as moisture, sunscreen, anti-aging, and corrective color.

According to a study released by researchers at Proctor & Gamble, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston University, and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, women who wear makeup are seen as more attractive, competent, likeable, and trustworthy. Symmetrical faces have long been considered to be more attractive and people believe that handsome folks are intelligent and good. But before now, no research has given makeup credit for people inferring that a woman was capable, reliable, and amiable. It seems that the positive effects of makeup are endless.

Since its inception, Oro Gold cosmetics have been helping women look better and feel better about themselves with new beauty products that enhances women’s natural beauty and helps to conceal small imperfections, such as a mole, a blemish, or even a scar. New research and studies reinforce the work and effort that goes into creating products that help consumers take care of their skin and beauty needs, as well as look and feel like a million bucks. Your Oro Gold store can provide expert advice and professional help, as well as beauty products for virtually any type of person, skin, and lifestyle.

Oro Gold cosmetics are helping to boost women’s confidence and lift their mood, making them feel “pretty” with top of the line cosmetics. Not to mention the fact that Oro Gold’s superior cosmetics have healthful benefits too, helping to cleanse and moisturize the skin, as well as protect it from harmful elements. Research and anecdotal accounts seem to suggest that the benefits of cosmetics outweigh any disadvantages that may exist.

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