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Orogold Reviews Sun Exposure Myths

orogold reviews sun exposure mythsAs summertime approaches, many of us become eager to roll out our beach towel and bask in the sun’s rays. After all, the sun makes us feel happier, and we look better with a sun kissed glow. But dermatologist and cosmeticians alike warn that the sun is much like a wolf in sheeps clothing. While making us feel and look good for a moment, the sun can damage our skin permanently. This is due to the Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation the sun gives off. These UV rays break down the elastin in our skin cells, and without the elastin, skin begins to wrinkle and sag. This doesn’t mean a person has to forfeit their beach time in order to keep skin looking young and healthy, as long as they take the necessary precautions before exposing their skin to the sun’s rays. Sunscreen is a great defense against the skin-damaging sun. However, in order for sunscreen to be effective, make sure you are aware of these sunscreen myths debunked by Sophia Panych, skin and beauty editor of Allure.

4 Scary Sunscreen Myths—Revealed


JUNE 7, 2011, 11:00:00 AM

The next time you’re hanging out at the beach, you might want to watch what you say about sunscreen, or at least speak a little softer—you never know, a beauty editor might be lounging next to you, hanging on your every word. Case in point: I recently got back from vacation in Mexico, and after a week of relaxing at the beach and in the pool, I heard some of the most ridiculous, and potentially dangerous, statements made about wearing (and not wearing) sunscreen. Not one to get involved with strangers, I instead eavesdropped on vacationers’ conversations, then turned to my boyfriend and lectured him on sun safety (not entirely necessary, as he was doused from head to toe in SPF 75 due to my incessant nagging). Upon my return, I immediately sent a list of all the things I overheard on my trip to Jeannette Graf, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Consider this an Allure version of Mythbusters—the skin-care edition.

Overheard: “Anything over SPF 30 is the same—the higher SPFs don’t give you any more protection.”

Truth: “Incorrect. A higher SPF gives more protection—that is a tested, proven fact. Plus, the higher numbers absorb high-energy, free-radical-producing rays. But remember, regardless of the level of SPF, reapplication every two hours is a must,” says Graf.

Overheard: “She has dark skin and won’t burn, so she doesn’t have to wear sunscreen.”

Truth: “Women with darker skin won’t burn as easily, but she must wear sunscreen,” Graf explains. Whether you burn easily or not, the sun’s rays can still cause wrinkles and skin cancer.

Read the full article “4 Scary Sunscreen Myths—Revealed.

For many readers, the damage might have already been done, leaving us asking “why didn’t I know this when I was younger.” Fortunately, there are a few elite skin care products that restore skin after sun damage. OROGOLD Cosmetics specially engineers their skin care products to restore the flexibility and vitality of skin, undoing the damage caused by sun exposure.

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